Vision to reality: Indigenous socks honour culture

Posted May 27, 2024 in Opinion By Sophie Foster

In a powerful display of cultural pride and unity, 澳门最快开奖 athletes have embraced custom-designed Indigenous socks during the PSA Indigenous Round.

The socks came to life thanks to the hard work and dream of Billy Krsticevic (17-23). We sat down with Billy for an insight into his vision:

鈥淭he journey began when I was in Year 10, playing in the 1st XV Rugby Team. At the time, only the 1st Football Team wore a designed jersey and had a smoking ceremony for Indigenous Round. I thought it was really important the other sports and grades had something to wear to acknowledge the Round. Working with 2022 College Captain, Aramis Tilli, I attended Prefect meetings with my ideas to gather support and last year, I worked with College Captain Jimmy Timcke, Ms McGivern, and the SRC to put my plan into practice. The socks were designed by Romy and Leon, and I pitched the final proposal to Mr Barron. Within 15 seconds, he said yes! It was incredible to play in the socks last year as Captain of the 1st XV Rugby Team and I was so proud to see the Year 8/9 A Rugby team that I coach wearing my vision this year. The hard work paid off!鈥

Year 12 boarders wearing Indigenous jersey and socks, 2024 Indigenous Round.

We also spoke to Romy Wachter (18-23), who co-designed the socks with Leon Francis (18-23), about the inspiration behind their design:

“Leon and I had the privilege of designing the socks, aiming to represent our culture. Our design for the socks was based on the Derbarl Yerrigan, otherwise known as the Swan River, and the Waugul, a sacred serpent from Noongar Dreamtime stories, believed to have created and shaped the Swan River. The Waugul’s presence on the socks, as it wraps around our players’ legs, symbolises their connection to the land on which they will compete. However, it’s not just about sports; it’s about respecting the land, acknowledging its history, and recognising the Whadjuk Noongar people as the traditional custodians of this place. Our hope is that as our athletes wear these socks, they will not only represent our culture but also feel a deep connection to the land and its history. We aim for these socks to serve as a reminder to carve their own pathways, just as the Waugul carved the Swan River.”

3rds Soccer Team wearing Indigenous socks, 2024 Indigenous Round.

3rds Soccer Team wearing Indigenous socks, 2024 Indigenous Round.


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